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Smoke-n-Thunder Jet Car Team announce 30th Anniversary “FLAGMAN CONTEST”

Lucas Oil Air Show vs jet CarJan. 6, 2014 — Wings Over North Georgia and Smoke-n-Thunder Jet Car teams up this month to create the 30th Anniversary “Flagman Contest”.  It’s simple, go purchase any advance ticket in January and you’re qualified to win.  The 30th & 300th guest to purchase an advance ticket throughout January to attend the 2014 air show featuring the USAF Thunderbirds wins the opportunity to drop the starter’s flag at the runway during one of the Jet Car vs. Aircraft races.

The two winners will become honorary crew members assisting the team when they preflight, start and launch the car during the air show performace.  You’ll get the opportunity to ride shotgun with the Crew-Chief in the bright yellow corvette as he chases down and recovers the jet car after the race concludes.  Then to complete your experience, the winners will get to wave back to the thousands of air show fans as you tow the jet car back to the Smoke-N-Thunder pits.

Both winners will be notified and congratulated by SNT Jet Car Pilot, Bill Braack.  We will then announcedthe winners on Face-Book the following Monday, Feb 3 at 12:00 noon!

Smoke-n-Thunder Jet Car – The Smoke-n-Thunder Jet Car team celebrates their 30th year in the air show industry performing nationwide as the fastest jet dragster act accelerating from 0-400 MPH in 8.5 seconds.

Bill Braack ProfileAs the jet car engine roars to life, veteran pilot Bill Braack revs up the air show crowds with tons of smoke and mini sonic thunder booms while preparing for his high-speed performance in a preplanned race normally against an airplane.  At the Wings Over North Georgia air show, Bill will be racing the entire GEICO Skytypers formation of six.  Fans will watch as Braack pulls 4-Gs, accelerating up to 400 miles per hour in just 8.5 seconds during the race.  He then experiences 11-Gs of negative force during the deceleration process.

The Smoke-n-Thunder Jet Car is powered by a Westinghouse J-34 jet engine originally used by the US Navy powering the North American T-2A Buckeye aircraft as their intermediate trainer.  The jet turbine in full afterburner produces 7,500 pounds of thrust creating more than 10,000 horsepower while accelerating to speeds of 400 miles per hour before a deployed drag parachute brings the jet car to a halt.

JLC AirShow Management – JLC continues to maintain a world-class event during the Wings Over North Georgia weekend by also hosting the third annual Kansas City BBQ Society (KCBS) sanctioned Smoke-n-Thunder BBQ Classic competition and General Aviation Fly-In attractions anchoring their annual air show weekend in Rome, GA.  Guests can register on-line to receive all the Air Show updates and complete Ticket Options at our official web site.  The popular Family 4-Pack is being offered as a New Year’s Special for $50 this month.  This affordable family package includes 4-general admission tickets & 1-premium airport parking pass providing a 50% savings if purchased at the gate!  Air show fans are encouraged to follow them on Face-book, Pinterest, Twitter and Google+ when using your favorite social network devices ensuring you will be among the first to hear about any breaking news.