Wings Over Golden Isles


Brunswick, Georgia

Private Chalets

Great for Families–Corporations–Groups–Sponsors

VIP chalet at Wings Over North Georgia Air ShowThis is the best way to enjoy all the air show activities in style with your family, friends or co-workers. Our Private Chalets have crowd-line viewing area with a private chalet tent. The chalets are positioned near show center providing guests with prime viewing and photography opportunities.

The private chalet style tent allows guests to enjoy the air show experience in a comfortable relaxed atmosphere. Each unit includes a 20′ x 40′ enclosed chalet and 20′ x 30′ front porch viewing area. Private restroom facilities are provided for the chalet village guests. Reserved airport parking is another amenity included with the private chalets packages. Chalet Village is only accessed with the proper credentials which will be provided for your group and enforced to ensure your complete air show experience and privacy are maintained.

Contact Tina Talton at the Air Show Office: (706) 291-0030 or Email: to book your Private Chalet today!

Private Chalet Package Options

Saturday: $3,250 each

Sunday: $3,250 each

Chalet Packages Include

  • Saturday or Sunday Air Show
  • Private Chalet Facility
  • 75-Private Chalet Entry Passes
  • 20-Reserve Airport Parking Passes
  • Crowd-Line Seating & Viewing Area
  • Enclosed Dining & Relaxation Area
  • Private Restroom Facilities

*Plus Local Sales Tax