Wings Over Golden Isles


Brunswick, Georgia

GEICO Skytypers

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Sponsored by GEICO (Government Employees Insurance Company), the Skytypers will be performing aerobatic maneuvers and skytyping giant messages in the sky while visiting North Georgia this fall. There are only 11 SNJ-2 aircraft still in existence and the Skytypers fly six of them. Their show consists of low-level, precision formation flying combined with a thrilling aeronautical demonstration highlighting the unique capabilities of the aircraft while adding richness to the history of aviation and its core foundation.

North Georgia residents will also have a chance to see “skytyping” for the first time. Skytyping is quite different from the more traditional skywriting. Five of the six planes fly line abreast while typing dot matrix style messages in the sky. The lead aircraft utilizes a custom programmed computer with specialized radio commands to signal the other aircraft to release puffs of environmentally safe smoke at various intervals. Skytyping is 17 times faster than skywriting and produces a letter every four seconds. The messages are as tall as the Empire State Building, can be up to eight miles wide, are visible up to 15 miles in any direction or nearly 400 square miles and remain readable for up to 15 minutes.