Wings Over Golden Isles


Brunswick, Georgia

DAV B-25 Flight Team

DAV Outreach Program

DAV B-25The DAV Aviation Outreach Program is now in its thirteenth airshow season with AirSupport LLC. The DAV Aviation Outreach Program was developed to increase public awareness of disabled veterans and to serve veterans in communities across the nation. Using a World War II era B-25 bomber, the program participates in airshows throughout the country. Each event is a multi-day effort that includes a media campaign, airshow performances and an interactive DAV Flight Team Display. AirSupport LLC Event and Media Coordinators work with each show to maximize media exposure via traditional and social media for DAV. Media efforts also include VIP flights in the B-25 for major media outlets and result in multiple media hits at each show. In addition, DAV representatives are on hand throughout the event to talk to veterans and their families.

About the B-25 MItchell Bomber:

DAV B-25 2Crew: Six ( one pilot, one co-pilot, navigator/bombardier, turret gunner/engineer, radio operator/waist gunner, tail gunner )Length: 52 ft 11in
Wingspan: 67 ft 7in
Height: 16 ft 9 in
Weight: 29,300 lbs. (maximum)
Maximum speed: 328 MPH
Cruise Speed: 233 MPH
Range: 2,500 miles ( with auxiiliary tanks)
Engine: Two wright R-2600s of 1,700 hp each